Lue Elizondo's Plan B For UAPDA Not Passing Takes Effect

UAP Caucus

Lue Elizondo, a pivotal figure in the disclosure movement and former head of the AATIP, has hinted at a contingency plan, referred to as "Plan B," in the event that the UAP Disclosure Act (UAPDA) failed to pass. (It failed to pass in December 2023)

While specific details of this plan have been sparse, it has been a topic of discussion on Elizondo's Twitter and among the UAP community. Plan B is speculated to involve alternative strategies to push for transparency and disclosure regarding UAP phenomena. This could include leveraging media, public advocacy, leaks or other governmental channels to ensure that critical information about UAPs is brought to public attention. The implementation of Plan B could mark a significant shift in the UAP disclosure movement, reflecting a more grassroots or decentralized approach to uncovering the truth about UAPs.